Your website has the potential to connect your organization to a large audience. If you feel you need to expand that audience by providing an English alternative to the Indonesian content on your website, provides the perfect solution.

  • Reach a new audience
  • Build credibility
  • Avoid alienating your readership

An Indonesian-only website could be limiting your market as Indonesia attracts more and more foreign interest and investment. As a large portion of the foreign market is able to read and understand English, it is probably to your benefit to have an English version of your website. Furthermore, an English version will add prestige and credibility to your website and, consequently, to your organization.

However, poorly-translated or badly-written website content can alienate your readership. Nothing gives a worse first impression than glaring language errors staring at you from the screen. Fortunately, the team of English native speaker translation, copy-editing and proofreading experts is equipped with both the linguistic proficiency and cultural awareness to provide accurate and relevant translations for the internet, as well as brush up on any existing English content you have.

Website Localization: Why is cultural awareness important? knows that conventions can change from culture to culture. Something that may be appropriate when expressed in Indonesian may need to be expressed in English in a different way. Certain aspects of your organization may appeal differently to your Indonesian and foreign audience. It may be better to emphasize or, conversely, downplay some of the things on your website when written in English. For this reason, our website translation and copy-editing services seek to localize English website content to suit a foreign readership.

Website localization is the process of modifying an existing website to make it accessible, usable and culturally suitable to a new target audience. It is a process that needs appropriate linguistic and cultural knowledge. If either is missing, the chances are that are that your website content will be ineffective and possibly even embarrassing.

Things to think about when translating website content from Indonesian to English:

  • Formality of language
  • Cultural sensitivities
  • Gender roles
  • Idiomatic language
  • Date formats
  • Currency and numeric formats
  • Geographic examples

Don’t limit your target market – contact to find out how our language experts can help your growing organization.