How much do you pay?

Our rates are calculated on a per word basis. The rate per word varies according to the type of job. Typically, a translation job requires more work and expertise than a copy-editing job and thus a higher rate is charged. Similarly, a higher rate is charged for a copy-editing job than a proofreading job. For a translation job, the nature of the translation, its difficulty level and the amount of time given for its completion are taken into account. For example, a highly technical translation requested in a short time period will have a higher rate per word than a simple translation with a longer time period. When you request a quote, you will be asked to specify:

  • Job type – translation, copy-editing or proofreading
  • Document type – report, brochure, essay etc.
  • Subject field – Finance, Marketing, Education etc.
  • Word count – the total number of words to be translated, copy-edited or proofread
  • Start date – when will you be able to send us the document so we can begin working?
  • Completion date – when do you need the job finished by? will then determine the estimated rate per word and multiply this by the number of words to arrive at a total. This will be our quote to you. Please note that quotes are only estimates. We will need a copy of your original document to give you an exact fee.

In the case of website translation, simply send us the web address of the website you would like translated and we will give you a quote for the job based also on a rate per word calculation.

How do you pay?

A Seven-Step Step System

  • Step 1: Get a quote for the document or website you want translated, copy-edited or proofread
  • Step 2: Enter into a non-disclosure agreement if necessary
  • Step 3: Send us the original document and we will give you an exact fee
  • Step 4: Make a 50% payment of the fee if approved
  • Step 5: When completed, a read-only copy of the translated, edited or proofread file or website content is sent back to you
  • Step 6: If the translation, copy-editing or proofreading job meets your approval, the remaining 50% fee payment is made
  • Step 7: A fully accessible copy of the translated, copy-edited or proofread file or website content is sent to you