Getting your point across

Whether it is a report, a brochure, a magazine article, a university paper or a website, the primary aim of all of these is to get their point across effectively. The copy-editing services of allow you to do just this.

A copy-edit is a thorough review of your document or website’s copy (content) to correct errors, and identify and fix confusing sentences or paragraphs. Copy-editing improves the formatting, style, and readability of a text. It also involves checking, verifying and revising (if needed) facts and other information in order to improve the accuracy of your draft. It is more than just proofreading which simply involves the correction of grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. It’s a line-by-line tidy-up of your draft.

The five Cs of Copy-editing sets out to make the content of your document or website:

  • clear
  • correct
  • concisely
  • comprehensible
  • consistent

A text written by an Indonesian person in English often follows the conventions, syntax and style of the writer’s native language, Indonesian. As English has a different syntax and style to Indonesian, the text can sometimes appear bloated and clumsy. Material that has been poorly translated from

Indonesian into English can also seem awkward and hard to understand. The copy-editing services of can come to your rescue here. Among other things, we identify and rectify the following:

  • Sentences or paragraphs that are too long, too short, or too complicated
  • Sentences or paragraphs that lack cohesion
  • Missing transitions between ideas and points
  • Unnecessary repetition
  • Inappropriate vocabulary
  • Misused English terminology

Documents that commonly need to be copy-edited include:

  • Reports
  • Contracts
  • Articles
  • Brochures
  • Dissertations
  • Essays
  • Press Releases
  • Draft Speeches
  • Manuals

How can you see what we have edited?

As we use the ‘Track Changes’ function on Microsoft Word, you will be able to see any corrections, additions, deletions, revisions, suggestions and comments we have made. You will receive from us both an annotated draft and a ‘clean’, edited version. If you wish, you can choose to reject any of the edits in the annotated draft.

Our copy-editing services do not include structural editing. We do not deal with plot, structure, characterization or “point of view”. We don’t change the substance of what you have written – we only make it much easier to read and be understood. will enable you to get your point across.