About Us


Before talking about us, let’s ask some questions about you:

  • Are you a state-related agency or company that requires English documentation?
  • Does your business need its Annual Report translated from Indonesian into English?
  • Do you need an English version of your Indonesian legal documents, contracts or licenses?
  • Are you an NGO that needs a report translated or copy-edited?
  • Do you want to expand your company’s appeal and accessibility by offering an English option on your Indonesian language website?
  • Do you require an Indonesian birth or marriage certificate translated into English for immigration purposes?
  • Is your company looking for someone to provide an English copy of its Indonesian press releases?
  • Are you a market research company that requires Indonesian questions and/or customer responses to be converted into English?
  • Are you a media outlet that needs an article, publication or public service announcement translated, copy-edited or proofread?
  • Are you a company that wants to capture a broader market by offering promotions, catalogues or sales brochures in English?
  • Are you a travel company looking to attract more customers by marketing your services in English as well as Indonesian?
  • Have you produced a technical manual in Indonesian that also needs to be provided in English?
  • Do you need to deliver a speech or presentation in English as well as Indonesian?
  • Do you manage a restaurant or hotel that needs its menu or information cards updated in English?
  • Are you a student who needs your dissertation or term paper proofread or edited?
  • Do you need a school report, certificate, or academic transcript translated?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’, Indonesiantoenglish.com is the right place for you.

Indonesiantoenglish.com is an established translation agency run by people with long and varied experience in Indonesian to English translations, copy-editing, proofreading and general revisions. All our translators and editors are English native speakers who are not only fluent in Indonesian but also familiar with the nuances of Indonesian culture and language. As such, we can guarantee with confidence a service which is both appropriate to the local Indonesian environment as well as affordable, accurate, prompt, punctual and confidential.

The translators and editors working for Indonesiantoenglish.com form an outward-looking, dynamic team which is able to provide translations, copy-editing and proofreading of documents in fields ranging from Law, Finance, Business, Politics, Education, Health, Ecology, Environmental Conservation, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Hospitality, Media, Transportation, Mining, Oil & Gas, Public Relations, Tourism and Travel, Sport, Infrastructure Development, and Resource Management to other written undertakings such as school compositions, student essays and theses, resumes, university applications, short stories and novels. We also provide high quality translating, copy-editing, proofreading and localizing services for website content.

Why Indonesiantoenglish.com?

We will provide you with top quality service for a fair price – and we’re based right here in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital. Sending a document to be translated to an overseas-based agency in a country such as the UK or US will result in a fee of up to twice our price, sometimes more. If you’re doubtful about that, compare a quote from an overseas agency with a quote from Indonesiantoenglish.com. Meanwhile, sending a document to most existing Indonesia-based agencies will get you a cheap price, but will not guarantee you top quality results as the translators will not be English native speakers. Expect plenty of mistakes – and badly-translated English looks very unprofessional!

Indonesiantoenglish.com provides top quality results at a reasonable price, while our proximity to our clients allows for smoother communication and co-operation during the translating, copy-editing or proofreading process.

Electronic communication and faster travel mean the world is getting ever smaller. We are living in a global village in which language and the ability to interact with one another has never been more important. Indonesia stands at the forefront of the burgeoning Asian region while English is the world’s global language. Now is the time to TRANSLATE, CONNECT and ENGAGE.